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St. Martha Parish Religious Education Progrm

Your Journey Begins Here...

Please contact Mr. Art Calvo at 215-632-3720 for information on registering your child(ren) for the St. Martha PREP/CCD Program. 

A Certificate of Baptism is required if your child was not Baptized at St. Martha Parish.

Please Note: Children must be registered prior to the first day of classes.   No child will be admitted to class without being registered.

Click on the PREP/CCD Registration Form to download and complete a registration form for each child. 

Registration Fees are as follows:


K                     $0                      $0               $0                               $  0

1                     $100                  $25             $0                               $ 125

2                     $100                  $25     Reconciliation $0             $ 125

3                     $100                 $25     Communion  $60               $ 185

4-5                 $100                  $25             $0                               $ 125

6                    $100                  $25             $0                               $  125

7                    $100                  $25            $90                              $  215

For Holy Communion and Confirmation PREP, a second book is given at no charge. 

Sacramental fees include photographer, videographer, DVD of the sacrament, Mass book, scapular, rosary, pin, and gown(Confirmation only).

Discounted Fees

2 Children:  Book is free for each child

3 Children:  Book is free for each child and registration fee is only $90/child

4 or more Children: Book is free for each child and registration fee is only $80/child

There will be no discounts for children registered after July 30th this year. 

Once book orders are sent to the publisher, if your child has not been registered, there will be a $35 late fee assessed to the registration fees.