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St. Martha Parish Religious Education Progrm

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Year 2018-2019

St. Martha PREP /CCD

Catechist Class Listing


For Additional Information Contact Mr. Art Calvo, CCD Coordinator at


Your child's teachers are:

K:                    Cheri McMenamin

1st Grade:      Donna Hudson


2nd Grade:     Carmen Rodriguez 


3rd Grade:      Lisa Crego


4th Grade:     Danielle DiCola-Hayes


5th Grade:      Anette Chango


6th Grade:      Michelle Whitely

7th Grade:      Art Calvo


Saint Martha Religious Education Department is proud to offer the option of Home Schooling to our parents. Contact Art Calvo at 215.632.3720 for details. 

Home schooling your child does NOT excuse him/her from attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Your child must also meet with Art Calvo three (3) times/year for an assessment. We usually make those meetings on the days when we have PREP Confessions. 

Grades 2,3,6 must physically attend classes when the teacher begins their Sacramental preparations. For grades 3 and 6, this would be sometime during the second half of the year. For grade 2, it would be sometime during the first half of the year. Grade 7 must physically attend from the first day of class through one week after being Confirmed.