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St. Martha Parish Religious Education Progrm

Your Journey Begins Here...

The last day of PREP is Sunday May 2.

If you are the parent/guardian of a school age child who has not been Baptized or who has been Baptized but has not received any other Sacraments and who does not attend St. Martha School, please see Art Calvo or call him at the rectory (215.632.3720) so we can make arrangements for Baptism and/or Reconciliation/Holy Communion/Confirmation. 

SAINT MARTHA PREP OFFERS A HOME SCHOOLING PROGRAM. PLEASE CALL ART CALVO AT 215.632.3720 FOR DETAILS. Registration for Home School must be made in person at this time. 

2021 - 2022 Saint Martha P.R.E.P. Schedule and News

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year will continue until Saturday   July 31. Payment is due (or arrangements must be made with me) at the time of registration. No unregistered child will be admitted to class. 

The registration form can be found by placing your mouse over the 'Home' tab above and choosing the 'Registration Information' from the drop down box. On that page you can click on 'registration information' for pricing or on the 'registration form' for the registration form, itself.


Confirmation will be on Saturday December 4, 2021 at the 4:00 Mass.

Confirmation children must turn in the following BEFORE April 27, 2021.

1- Candidate Information Sheet (Yellow)

2- Sponsor Eligibility Form (Blue) This form must have a parish seal and the signature of a priest/deacon of the home parish of the sponsor. 

3- Saint Project 

4- Sponsor Interview Form 

We simply can't chase you/your child for the forms. Your child will be scheduled to be Confirmed once the paperwork is received. 

When you and your child are considering a sponsor, remember they must be of age (it's on the form), and must be a practicing Catholic (ie: Attends Mass and receives the Sacraments Regularly). 


If you have a child of school age who does not attend Catholic school, they must come to PREP classes for their religious education. If you are a member of St. Martha and you send your child elsewhere for religious education, you should think about supporting your parish and send them here. They MUST receive their sacraments at St. Martha. They may NOT receive their sacraments from any other parish without permission if you are a member of St. Martha 

If you have a child starting Kindergarten in September why not register them for our PREP class? There is no cost for Kindergarten. 

Parents/guardians: Please make sure I have your email address on file as that will be the primary way in which we will communicate. Thank you.


It's hard to believe that we're talking about the 2022 school year already, but here we are! There will be a parent meeting on Saturday September 11, 2021 at 10:00 AM in the Parish Hall.  All parents must attend. You will be given forms to sign at this meeting regarding attendance and the reception of Sacraments. 

Our first day of class is September 12, 2021 at 8:15. We are hopeful to be in our regular classrooms this year. 


There will be NO registrations on the first day and NO child will be admitted to class without being registered. In other words, if you haven't registered your child by the first day of class AND paid the registration fee (or haven't made payment arrangements), your child will return home with you and will receive his/her first absence.   No one will be available to register children once PREP begins on September 12. 

Register your child in one of three ways:

1. Print out he registration form from the website, fill it out, and bring it to the rectory with your fee any time. 

2By appointment .... call the rectory and I will return your call if I am not there. Or you may call me on my cell at 215.290.2449 or you can email me at [email protected] and we can make arrangements to drop off your registration form. 

3. Take the time to fill out the registration form that will be sent home with your child. 


The PREP Program of Saint Martha Parish is designed to teach your child(ren) about the Catholic Faith and prepares them for the reception of their Sacraments: First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.  Our knowledgeable catechists volunteer their services so that your child may become more fully incorporated into the Catholic Church as an informed and practicing Catholic. 

On this website we go into some guidelines for you and your child.  You will read, for example, that we fully expect you to become involved in your child's experience here at St. Martha Parish.  Our catechists see your children only once a week.  You see them every day.  So we expect you to check their book bags for important communications from their teacher, for their homework assignments and for their study guidelines.  We expect you to make sure your child completes his/her assignments and comes to class fully prepared.  We expect that you will make sure they are ready to take the tests that will be given.  Most importantly, however, we expect that you will take an active role in teaching your child by your example.  Your child, in order to to receive the sacraments, must attend Mass. Let us say this again, your child MUST attend Mass in order to receive the Sacraments. So we assume that you will attend Mass every Sunday with your child. (The 10:00 Mass is recommended).  We also assume that you will come to Reconciliation with your child on a regular basis. Children who are not brought to Mass every Sunday may not be eligible to receive Sacraments. 

Also on this website, you'll see our attendance policies, our promotion policies, and our policies on holding back a child, or recommending further study before a Sacrament is administered.

So, you see, we here at St. Martha are not the only ones who teach and work with your children.  We do what we do in partnership with you.  Together, we can make a difference in your child's life.  We cannot do it without your help, your suggestions, and your prayerful support

If ever you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to write me at [email protected] or call 215-632-3720 You can always catch me on any given Sunday to speak face to face. I always enjoy talking with the parents of our children.  I, and all of us associated with St. Martha PREP look forward to working with you in this up and coming year and for the years to come.

Art Calvo
Religious Education