St. Martha  Parish  PREP/CCD School 

Your Journey Begins Here...

Please contact Mr. Art Calvo at 215-632-3720 for information on registering your child(ren) for the St. Martha PREP/CCD Program. 

A Certificate of Baptism is required if your child was not Baptized at St. Martha Parish.

Please Note: Children must be registered prior to the first day of classes.   No child will be admitted to class without being registered.

Click on the PREP/CCD Registration Form Form to download and complete a registration form for each child. 

Registration Fees are as follows:


K                     $15                   $0               $0                                $15

1                     $100                  $25             $0                               $125

2                     $100                  $25     Reconciliation $0             $125

3                     $100                 $25     Communion  $60               $185

4-5                 $100                  $25             $0                               $125

6                    $100                  $25      Confirmation $90             $215

For Holy Communion and Confirmation prep a second book is given at no charge. 

Sacramental fees include photographer, videographer, DVD of the sacrament, Mass book, scapular, rosary, pin, and gown(Confirmation only).

Discounted Fees

2 Children:  Book is free for each child

3 Children:  Book is free for each child and registration fee is only $90/child

4 or more Children: Book is free for each child and registration fee is only $80/child

Book orders will be sent to the publisher on August 14.  Registration after August 13 will have a $25 late fee assessed. 

Discounted fees are no longer in effect for this school year.